Sunday, 28 October 2012


I had to smile when I strayed across a review of my travel narrative, Lemurs of the Lost World, on recently. It read

I had not expected so much text and so few photographs or illustrations. I should have read the detailed description more fully!’

I guess I should be grateful that the purchaser – who probably bought the book for a few pence – bothered to post a review at all. It is, after all, unbelievably difficult to get readers to feedback in this way, but I really... ask you – what is a writer supposed to do with feedback like this? Too many words. Not unreadable or boring, turgid or inaccessible, but just too many. Or rather too many pages of text. Did he even read it? I think not....

Author sighs a deep depressed sigh and leaves her desk to make a strong cup of coffee.

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