Monday, 25 February 2013

Infectious Disease

I inherited my delight in words, wordplay and passion for reading from my Dad. He loved nothing better than browsing in a second had bookshop, and he'd often come home with treasures bought for 10p, 50p, sometimes even a pound.

I came across one find that made me smile. The book, The Essential T E Lawrence, published in 1951, had been in the London Transport Library, though who used the facility I've no idea.

There is a barely legible warning stamped on the title page which reads:

If infectious disease should break out in your house do not return this book, but at once inform the librarian and your Local Council. Borrowers ignoring this regulation or knowingly permitting others to be exposed to infection are liable to prosecution. 

I can't imagine what they were worried about.
the library bookplate

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